Who We Are

Founded in 1977, the Association of State Floodplain Managers is a 501(c)(3) scientific and educational nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing flood loss in the nation. We accomplish this mission by educating policymakers on sound floodplain management policies and practices; improving the knowledge of floodplain managers through the Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) certification program; delivering on-going professional development and training events; conducting applied research, promoting emerging technologies, and developing tools that address all aspects of flooding and floodplain management; and increasing international awareness on flooding and flood loss reduction. 
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Our more than 7,000 individual members, along with chapter members and corporate and agency partners, come from a variety of backgrounds, including local, state, and federal floodplain managers and other governmental officials, industry representatives, higher education researchers, professionals at non-profit organizations, and other interested individuals.  ASFPM is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

What We Stand For


An adaptable nation resilient to flooding and prepared for tomorrow’s changing climate.

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The mission of ASFPM is to promote education, policies and activities that mitigate current and future losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding, and to protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains – all without causing adverse impacts.



We recognize that our mission to the nation is accomplished when we serve both our members and the public, and we strive to adapt to the increasing and changing needs of both.


Our policies, products and services deliver unique, compelling value to society, our members and partners. We support and promote innovation and technological advances in all aspects of flood risk management.

Forward Thinking
& Scientific

We seek to make informed decisions with a focus on future flood risk and preserving ecosystems into the future to preserve their natural flood reduction. The future is underpinned by science, long range planning, and policies that are in the public interest.


Driven and energetic in every endeavor. We lead by example and focus on collective success.


We value the uniqueness of each individual and his or her contributions to ASFPM, ASFPM’s Mission and to society. We recognize the unique value of the state and its role in addressing the nation’s flooding issues.


We succeed when we individually and collaboratively work towards solutions to the nation’s flooding problems. Comprehensive solutions to flooding problems require multiple approaches and contributions from the federal, state, local, individual, and private sectors.

Non-structural First

While ASFPM recognizes the need to use all tools to manage flood risk, because ASFPM’s mission is to also recognize the natural functions of floodplains, non-structural flood risk management options are preferred over large flood control structures.

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Our Story

The Association of State Floodplain Managers began in 1977 when a group of upper Midwest state floodplain managers, who had strong state programs, grew concerned that the current federal policies and programs were not effective at reducing flood losses. They set out to create a national association focused on educating policy makers, coordinating with federal agencies, providing a peer exchange of ideas, and promoting the science underpinning effective floodplain management and mapping to reduce flood losses to life and property — and those ideals remain at the heart of the association today.

ASFPM is the nation’s most respected voice in floodplain management practice and policy. Through a strong advocacy network, ASFPM has successfully influenced numerous federal programs, including aspects of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), post-disaster mitigation funding, the Community Rating System, a national council on mapping standards, and the major increase in funding for Flood Map Modernization.

At the same time, because flooding is a local issue, ASFPM has long encouraged the creation of state chapters so they can better support professionals at the state and local levels and provide a stronger unified voice for local communities, which are the key to community sustainability from flooding. There are 37 chapters representing 42 states with a number of other state associations working toward ASFPM chapter status. Together, our national members and state chapter members are 20,000 strong and represent local, state, and federal government agencies, citizen groups, private consulting firms, academia, insurance industry, and lenders.

In addition, ASFPM established the national certified floodplain manager (CFM) program in 1998 to create a baseline of professional knowledge and competencies in floodplain management. The program requires passing a rigorous exam and earning continuing education credits annually to maintain certification. Currently, we have more than 10,500 CFMs nationwide.

National Certified Floodplain Managers Certification Growth 1999-2019

As climate change has increased the intensity and frequency of severe storms, the need for sound floodplain management is more important than ever. ASFPM’s influence is expressed through policy and practice changes that influence floodplain management in the U.S. and internationally. Our goals are to help the public and private sectors:

  • Reduce the loss of human life and property damage resulting from flooding.
  • Champion environmental justice initiatives. 
  • Preserve the natural and cultural values of floodplains.
  • Promote flood mitigation for the prevention of loss and the wise use of floodplains.
  • Avoid actions that exacerbate flooding.   

The opportunity to broaden flood risk awareness while advancing the profession of floodplain management has never been greater. ASFPM will continue to promote efficient and effective flood mitigation planning that is not only environmentally correct, but is beneficial to our society as a whole and creates long-term resiliency for future generations.

ASFPM Foundation

The ASFPM Foundation serves as the catalyst for the Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc., its chapters, and members to advance projects, education, and policy initiatives that promote reduced flood risk and resilient communities. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the ASFPM Foundation has a growing list of accomplishments made possible due to the financial support of its donors.

National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program

Developed in partnership with FM Approvals and the US Army Corps of Engineers, ASFPM’s National Flood Barrier Testing and Certification Program ensures objective testing and certification of an array of flood mitigation products. These products are tested to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) FM 2510 standard and certification results in receiving the FM Approved mark — recognized and respected worldwide.
National Flood Barrier Testing & Certification
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Become a Member

Whether you work for a government agency, higher education institution, or in the private sector, ASFPM bridges those entities and creates a focus on floodplain management matters that matter most to you.

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Our Partners

ASFPM has long-standing relationships with numerous government agencies, higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, professional associations, and private sector companies. Through formal partnerships and informal collaborations, together we work to advance solutions for solving the nation’s flooding problems.