Salary Information for Floodplain Managers

A 2016 ASFPM survey of floodplain managers revealed a mean annual salary of $55,000. The median salary range was $45,001-$55,000, and the median years of floodplain management experience was nine years.

Given the wide range of job titles, experiences, and educational backgrounds, respondents’ salaries were quite variable and were uniformly distributed over a wide range. While nearly one-quarter of the respondents indicated a salary in excess of $75,000, this salary may reflect compensation for primary job duties beyond floodplain administrator.

Floodplain Mgr Salary Range Pie Chart
You can learn more about the floodplain management profession by reviewing the Floodplain Management 2016: Local Programs Survey Report. This report provides an inside look at the state of local floodplain management programs throughout the United States, offers insights into who local floodplain managers are, and highlights floodplain management practices and challenges.