Certification Board Of Regents

The Certification Board of Regents is appointed by the ASFPM Board of Directors for the governance and key certification policies and procedures of the CFM® program, including establishing eligibility standards and all aspects of exams, including developing, administering, scoring and overseeing the program’s operation. Their focus is on moving the program forward. The regents recently completed a new Strategic Plan for 2018-2023 and are currently focused on its implementation.

CBOR Strategic Plan for 2018-2023

One page summary of 2018-2023 CBOR Strategic Plan

Because of the wide-breath of functions under their prevue, CBOR has appointed a separate Exam Workgroup, comprised of subject-matter-experts that analyze exam questions, develop new questions and modify or retire questions based on changing laws and rules. The Exam Workgroup Chair is Professor Warren Campbell of Western Kentucky University.

CBOR Charter with Attachment A

CFM Program Policy Manual

Code of Ethics

CFM Program Charter

Regent Contact List

CBOR President

Louis Greenwell, GISP, CFM175 S. 3rd St., Ste. 170Columbus, OH, 43215502-477-8671


Jennifer Dunn, CFM, Federal Agency At-Large


Dave Carlton, P.E., D.WRE, CFM, At-Large
Donny Phipps, CBO, CFM, At-Large
Ingrid Wadsworth, CFM, ASFPM Exec. Dir. Designee/Secretary
Jacob Hoover, AICP, CFM, State Government
Jerry Murphy, AICP, CFM, Academia
Joe Fernandez, CFM, Chapter
Lisa Sharrard, ANFI, CPM, CFM, Private Sector
Mark Riebau, CFM, At-Large
Roger Lindsey, P.E., CFM, State Government

Administrative Support

Anita Larson, Certification Coordinator


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