Who can Proctor

In order to reach all areas of the country, the CFM® is offered in a “proctored” setting. An individual CFM may offer to proctor the CFM® Exam in their area, and secure an appropriate space. In order to be a proctor, the individual CFM must apply, and sign off on several confidentiality and procedural documents and then their “offering” will be placed on the CFM® Exam Calendar. Other individual wanting to take the exam may also sign up to take the exam in this location. If the offering becomes too large of a group, a second proctor may need to be secured.

If you would like to proctor the exam, please contact: Anita Larson, for further information.

Exam Hosting and Proctoring
ASFPM CFM® Certified Floodplain Manager Program

Proctors that are eligible to be approved to administer the exam include any CFM®, the State Floodplain Manager/NFIP Coordinator, the EMI Point of Contact, or ASFPM staff.


  1. Upon deciding to host an exam, the ASFPM Office must receive a signed Proctor Agreement no less than 30 days prior to the proposed exam date for approval. It is suggested that exams be held in conjunction with a conference or at the conclusion of a training workshop. Governmental agencies or private sector entities may host an exam at their worksite upon approval from ASFPM.
  2. Administrative costs may prohibit ASFPM to grant a request to host an exam for a single person for exceptional circumstances.
  3. While a fee may be charged for attending a conference, training workshop, there can be NO fees or charges directly associated with taking the exam by the hosting or proctoring entity. Any costs for the exam room must be absorbed by the hosting entity.
  4. When advertising the exam, it shall be clearly stated that applicants can obtain an application form on the ASFPM website at the Certification Program tab. All CFM® applications must be received at the office of ASFPM at least 2 weeks prior to the exam date for review and approval. No walk-ins will be allowed unless authorized by the ASFPM Executive office.
  5. Careful attention must be given to the confidentiality of the exam. Care must be given to ensure that the exam cannot be accessed or reviewed prior to the scheduled date and time. All exam materials shall be locked in a secure location as soon as you receive them and kept secured until the actual exam date and time. Exam materials should only be removed from the secure location to be taken to the exam location.
  6. For any training or review offered, all attendees must be informed that the information provided is for “Enhancement or Refresher only and not intended to teach the exam.”
  7. Proctors shall not administer the exam to supervisors or family members. Any relationships or situations where the integrity of the exam or the process of the delivery of the exam may be brought in question must be avoided. Any breach of this standard must be reported to the Executive Office immediately.
  8. Exam materials must be returned to the ASFPM Executive Office immediately upon completion of the exam, or the same standards of security must be followed. All exam materials must be locked and secured at all times with no opportunity for further scrutiny of any part of the exam, the answer sheets or any of the products of the exam process. Exam materials should be kept in this secure location until they are ready for mailing to the ASFPM Executive Office. All exam materials must be returned within three business days.
  9. Inappropriate administration of any part of this CFM® examination process can have serious negative consequences on our entire profession. Because of this, any failure may result in the removal of your eligibility to be a Proctor and may be grounds for a review of your CFM® under our Code of Ethics.
  10. High ethical standards are required to continue the professional standing of the National CFM® program. All Proctors are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards before, during, and after the administration of the CFM® exam.
  11. Exam Site: The facility/exam room should be ADA Compliant, and the set-up of the exam room shall be standard classroom style facing the Proctor. The room must have adequate writing surfaces and be large enough to accommodate twice the number of persons taking the exam. The room shall be relatively free of distractions. It is recommended that the room is in close proximity to restrooms and that water is available.
  12. The ASFPM is available to review announcement material before printing and distributing. If there is to be a limit on the number of exam takers, determine the maximum number and notify potential applicants that space is limited in the announcement.

Sample Announcement:
As part of the [Insert Conference scheduled for X-Date in X-City], the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM®) Exam will be offered at the conference.
In order to take the CFM exam, you must complete and submit the CFM Program Application Package to the ASFPM. The forms are available on the ASFPM website under the Certification Program tab. The fee for taking the exam is $— for ASFPM members and $— for non-members. You may submit an application for ASFPM membership at the same time as applying to take the CFM® exam.
In order to be accepted to take the Certified Floodplain Managers Exam at the conference, you must submit your completed application along with the appropriate fee to ASFPM by [Insert X-Date] (2 weeks prior to exam date). No walk-ins will be allowed unless authorized by the ASFPM Executive office.

October 2015

Disclaimer of Liability

Professional certification is a peer review process administered through the Association of State Floodplain Managers. Participation in the CFM® program is strictly voluntary. The program is designed to establish educational, training and experience criteria related to floodplain management, hazard mitigation, National Flood Insurance Program and to certify that an individual applicant has met these criteria.

ASFPM assumes no liability for any action or inaction made by individual CFMs during the normal course of performing their prescribed duties and responsibilities of managing development within the identified floodplains, as established by criteria of the NFIP or state and mandated by their respective employer or local government agency. ASFPM has not attempted to independently verify the information submitted by certification applicants. We strongly recommend that anyone using the professional services of any ASFPM CFM listed individual or firm contact that individual or firm directly and request and independently verify their references and credentials. Further, ASFPM assumes no liability for any action or inaction made by an ASFPM accredited chapter in accepting, denying, certifying or renewing CFMs.