Part 3 – Supplemental Review Materials

Part 3 - Supplemental Review Materials
CFM® Exam Study Guide
(Revised July 2020)

Under each CFM® Exam Topic Area, we have provided extra review materials to use to supplement FEMA 480 and the 273 courses (which is the minimum preparation for the exam). These materials are organized by topic area below for easy review, or to narrow your focus on a topic where you may feel you need more preparation.

NFIP Minimum Regulatory Standards


National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
44 CFR 60.3
Encroachment Rules
  • Encroachment (webpage definition and reference to 44CFR 60.3 sections)

    NOTE: This definition only discusses floodway. It does not include 1 foot cumulative encroachment rule in AE floodplains without floodways. The reference 44 CFR 60.3 requirements do include the 1 foot cumulative rule. This distinction is important to know for the CFM exam question(s).

V Zone Rules
Building Protection Standards
Substantial Improvement/Damage
Flood Proofing and Retrofitting

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Regulatory Administrative Procedures


National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
Permit Process and Inspections
Elevation Records
NFIP Regulations
Variance Rules

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Flood Insurance


Mandatory Purchase Requirements
NFIP Grandfather Rules
Section 1316

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Flood Hazard Mitigation


Disaster Assistance Procedures
Mitigation Planning
Funding Sources
Erosion and Other Related Hazards

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Natural and Beneficial Functions


Unified National Program
Community Sanctions
History and Background of the NFIP
Other Federal Programs

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Overall Context of Floodplain Management


Multi-Objective Management
Stream Corridor Restoration
Water Quality (NEPA, NPDES, MS4s)
Endangered Species Act

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