Using Your CFM Designation


You have earned the professional certification of a certified floodplain manager and join over 10,000 fellow CFMs around the country and world in assuring best practices and protecting people and property from flooding.


Your certification is good for two years. Since continual training is part of your certification, during that time, you will need to submit evidence of a minimum 16 credit hours or CECs to ASFPM. This can be submitted via the CFM portal and ASFPM will review all CECs for credit, so please remember our reviewers at ASFPM who make this assessment when they are determining if what you submit is indeed floodplain management related. We have hundreds of courses that are pre-approved, that you can find on our Training page.

Good For



Continual Training


Credits or CECs

Obtaining your CFM credential gives you a limited license to use the letters CFM behind your name, as well as a certification number to use for official documents or other uses. Here is how to use your “CFM” and its logo so you can represent your professional certification best.

  • No periods needed. CFMs in good standing (who pass the CFM exam and maintain their certification) are provided a limited “license” to use the letters “CFM” after their name. We’ve seen folks putting periods between those letters. Not needed. Example: Jane Smith, CFM
  • CFM logo. The CFM logo is for use by the ASFPM executive office and our accredited chapters (that administer the CFM exam program under an agreement with us). We know you are proud, but please do not use on business cards, training advertisements, LinkedIn profiles or signature lines.
  • Companies can’t be certified, but individuals can. We have been noticing companies advertising that they are CFM-certified. Best to say, instead, your staff are CFM certified.
  • No registration symbol needed: The “®” symbol is only necessary when referring to the CFM certification program/exam/logo. It should not be used when referring to individuals who are CFMs.