2021 ASFPM Virtual Conference

Scams to Avoid

Scams to Avoid


Please watch out for these scams!

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These companies do not represent the ASFPM conference.

The following individuals/companies have reportedly contacted ASFPM attendees or exhibitors. (Note: This list is updated as additional companies are reported.)

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Attendee lists for sale

Attendees and exhibitors have received offers over email that say the company can sell them the ASFPM 2020 attendee list (with email addresses).

These are always a scam! ASFPM does not, and will not, provide attendee information to outside companies for distribution.

We will be using this page to post any information about any scams that we know about in order to try to help you stay safe.

If you do receive a scam, please let me know at sarah@flooods.org so that I can update this page with the latest information.

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