Quick Guide for Floodplain Management

The Quick Guide for Floodplain Management is a high impact way to help property owners, elected officials, realtors, insurance agents and others better understand floodplain management.Floodplain Management in Georgia Quick Guide covers both inland and coastal floodplains and requirements. It uses clear language and simple graphics to illustrate important aspects of floodplain management, including:

  • Why communities regulate floodplains
  • Understanding the floodplain and floodway
  • Detailed and approximate flood zones
  • Activities that require permits
  • Elevation Certificates
  • The concepts of pre-FIRM and post-FIRM
  • How freeboard will lower flood insurance premiums
  • Flood openings (vents) for enclosures
  • Elevating heat pumps and anchoring tanks
  • Substantial improvement
  • Accessory structures
  • Manufactured homes and recreational vehicles
  • And more
Georgia Quick Guide for Floodplain Management
The South Carolina Quick Guide for Riverine Floodplains, Development and Maps helps people understand the basics about watersheds and floodplains along rivers, streams and creeks. It describes the methods used to develop and maintain flood maps, and the factors that are considered when development is proposed in a riverine floodplain. South Carolina – Riverine Floodplains, Development, and Maps Quick Guide.

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