Mapping & Engineering

The primary mission of the Mapping and Engineering Standards Committee is to provide policy guidance and support for floodplain mapping and engineering issues to foster reduction of future losses, costs and human suffering caused by flooding. Historically, this committee has had major impacts on FEMA’s Flood Mapping Program, requirements for map modernization, Risk MAP and the NFIP and addressing technical issues related to flood hazards such as levees and dams.
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Floodplain Mapping Links
To facilitate information sharing and coordination between agencies and floodplain managers, this page includes a section titled “Mapping Links”. The purpose of this section is to provide easy access to other web sites that relate to mapping and engineering standards. Please use these links and feel free to suggest other links that may be appropriate for inclusion on this page.

Levee Analysis and Mapping Procedures for Non-accredited Levees

Analysis and Mapping Procedures for Non-Accredited Levees

Procedure Memorandum No. 38 – Implementation of Floodplain Boundary Standards (Section 7 of MHIP v1.0)

Technical Mapping Advisory Council

North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program

Code of Federal Regulations