ASFPM Award Nominations

Any member may submit an award nomination for the following awards:

Tom Lee State Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management

Tom Lee State Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management

(state level program or activity, not an individual)
Tom Lee State Award Photo 200

Tom Lee

The Tom Lee State Award for Excellence is given annually to recognize an outstanding floodplain management program or activity at the state level. It preserves the memory of Tom Lee (1935-1976), a visionary floodplain manager responsible for some of this country's finest state-level programs, and for his instrumental work in developing the regulatory framework that we still seek to implement and improve today. Eligible entries include an overall program or specific outstanding products or activities.

Tom Lee State Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management Recipients

  • Florida State Floodplain Management Office (2020)
  • Iowa Bridge Sensor Project (2019)
  • California Dept. of Water Resources (2018)
  • Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (2017)
  • New Jersey Future (2016)
  • Indiana Silver Jackets Interagency Flood Risk Management Team (2015)
  • Iowa Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association (2014)
  • State of Illinois (2013)
  • Arizona Floodplain Management Association (2012)
  • Florida DEM - Floodplain Management Program (2011)
  • Not presented in 2010
  • Illinois Floodplain Management Program (2009)
  • Mississippi DEQ and EMA for Flood Map Modernization Initiative (2008)
  • North Carolina Emergency Management - Honorable Mention (2008)
  • Nebraska Dept. of Natural Resources (2007)
  • Not presented in 2006
  • Nebraska Dept. of Natural Resources, Floodplain Management Division (2005)
  • California Floodplain Management Task Force (2004)
  • Missouri State Emergency Management Agency - Honorable Mention (2004)
  • PLATINUM: Iowa Department of Natural Resources (2003)
  • GOLD: New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association (2003)
  • PLATINUM: Ohio DNR Division of Water (2002)
  • GOLD: New Mexico Floodplain Managers Association (2002)
  • SILVER: Not presented this year (2002)
  • PLATINUM: State of North Carolina (2001)
  • GOLD: State of Pennsylvania's, Pennsylvania Greenways (2001)
  • SILVER: State of Oklahoma (2001)
  • California Department of Water Resources, Floodplain Management Branch (2000)
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Inland Water Resources Division (2000)
  • Missouri Emergency Management Agency (Honorable Mention - 2000)
  • State Of Georgia (1998)
  • Arizona Floodplain Management Association, Flood Warning Committee (1997)
  • State of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Transportation, Env. Quality & Engineering (1995)
  • State of Maine (1994)
  • Arizona Floodplain Management Association (1993)
  • State of Arizona Dept. of Water Resources (1992)
  • Commonwealth of Virginia, Div. of Soil & Water Conserv. (1991)
  • State of Wisconsin (1990)
  • State of California (1989)
  • State of California (1988)
  • State of Colorado (1987)
  • State of Connecticut (1986)
  • State of Illinois and State of Missouri (1985)
James Lee Witt Local Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management

James Lee Witt Local Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management

(floodplain management program or activities, not an individual)
James Lee Witt

James Lee Witt

The award seeks to find and recognize outstanding programs or activities at the front lines of floodplain management -- local programs where "the rubber meets the road." Eligible entries include local units of government such as cities, towns and counties. Certain regional forms of local government are also eligible for the Witt Award. As with the Tom Lee Award, eligible entries include either an overall program or a specific project or activities that epitomize the best in floodplain management. In April of 2000, the ASFPM Board of Directors resolved to name this award after FEMA Director James Lee Witt in recognition of his landmark efforts to support, enhance and encourage local floodplain management capabilities.

James Lee Witt Local Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management Recipients
  • Greenville County, South Carolina (2020)
  • Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority, Washington (2019)
  • Honorable Mention - North Central Texas Council of Governments (2019)
  • Bee Branch Watershed Flood Mitigation Project, Dubuque, Iowa (2018)
  • Barnstable County/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension (Massachusetts) (2017)
  • Center for Neighborhood Technology's RainReady Program (2016)
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District (2014)
  • City of Montevideo, Minnesota Flood Hazard Mitigation Program (2013)
  • Rush Creek Flood Mitigation Project, City of Arlington TX (2012)
  • Not presented in 2011
  • Urban Drainage and Flood Control District in Denver, Colorado (2010)
  • Hancock Regional Planning Commission and the Community Foundation, Ohio (2009)
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Stormwater Services Flood Mitigation Program, North Carolina (2009)
  • Honorable Mention - Johnson County, Iowa (2009)
  • Kenai River Center and Watershed Forum, Alaska (2008)
  • Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (2007)
  • City of Roseville, CA, Class 1 CRS Rating (2007)
  • Hillsborough County, FL, Map Modernization Outreach Project (2006)
  • Lincoln, Nebraska (2005)
  • Texas Colorado River Floodplain Coalition (2005)
  • Jefferson County, AL Floodplain Management Program (2005)
  • Stormwater Management Division of DuPage County, Illinois (2004)
  • Central Shenandoah Valley Planning District Commission, Virginia (2004)
  • Washoe County, NV Truckee River Warning System - Honorable Mention (2004)
  • PLATINUM: Lake County, Illinois (2003)
  • PLATINUM: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (2003)
  • GOLD: St. Charles County, Missouri
  • PLATINUM: Sarasota County, Florida (2002)
  • GOLD: Harris County, Texas (2002)
  • SILVER: PORTA Problem Solvers, Petersburg, Illinois (2002)
  • PLATINUM: Pierce County, Washington's County Water Division (2001)
  • GOLD: Milwaukee Metro Sewerage Division's Watercourse System Master Plan
  • SILVER: Pulaski County, Arkansas (2001)
  • Araphaoe County Urban Drainage Flood Control District(2000 - Project)
  • South Suburban Parks and Recreation District, Colorado (2000 - Project)
  • Colorado Water Conservation Board (2000 - Plan)
  • South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association, Illinois (Honorable Mention - 2000)
  • City of Phillipi, West Virginia (Honorable Mention - 2000)
  • Maumee River Basin Commission of Indiana (1999)
  • City of Arnold, Missouri (1998) Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (1998)
  • San Joaquin Area (California) Flood Control Agency (1998)
  • DuPage County Stormwater Management Div. (1997)
  • Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer Dist., Kentucky (1996)
  • North Central Texas Council of Governments, Dept. of Env. Resources (1995)
  • City of Santa Barbara, California (1994)
  • Lower Colorado River Authority (1993)
  • City of City of Tulsa, Oklahoma (1992)
  • Maricopa County Flood Control District, Arizona (1992)
  • Pima County, Arizona, Board of Supervisors (1991)
  • Greater Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce (1990)
  • City of Colorado Springs, Colorado (1989)
  • Pequannock Township, New Jersey (1988)
  • City of Tulsa, Oklahoma (1987)
  • City of Owosso, Michigan (1986)
Larry R. Johnston Local Floodplain Manager of the Year

Larry R. Johnston Local Floodplain Manager of the Year

(individuals only)
Larry R. Johnston

Larry R. Johnston

This award commemorates the life and work of Larry Johnston (1945-1990) who was finishing his work on the highly-acclaimed National Assessment of Floodplain Management at the time of his untimely death. This award seeks to recognize outstanding individual efforts and contributions at the local level. The LRJ Local Floodplain Manager of the Year is designed to honor an individual responsible for the development of a distinguished local program or activity, or one who struggles to implement flood hazard reduction at the local level in the absence of sophisticated programs and support. The LRJ Award recipient is invited to attend ASFPM's annual conference as our guest.

Larry R. Johnston Local Floodplain Manager of the Year Recipients
  • Cornelius R. Byrne, CFM, Sea Isle City, NJ (2020)
  • Todd Klietz, Missoula County, Montana (2019)
  • Michael Blakely, Chatham County, Georgia (2018)
  • Tim Trautman, Charlotte/Mecklenburg Stormwater Services, North Carolina (2017)
  • Kim Neiman of Pilger, Nebraska (2016)
  • Tom McDonald (2015)
  • Will Birchfield, Town of Estes Park, Colorado (2014)
  • Landon "Lannie" Smith, Orange Beach, Alabama (2013)
  • Steve Parker, City of Dallas, TX (2012)
  • Bruce Funk, New Jersey (2011)
  • Terri Turner, Georgia (2010)
  • Laura Hendrix, Montana (2009)
  • John Hays, Arizona (2008)
  • Mike Prough, Illinois (2007)
  • Stephen Mitchell, Mississippi (2006)
  • Thomas Rodrigue, Louisiana (2005)
  • Dave Clark, Washington (2004)
  • Cornelia Dettmer, Ohio (2003)
  • Eugene Henry, Florida (2002)
  • Carl Peter, Illinois (2001)
  • Ralph Bussey, South Carolina (2000)
  • Dave Canaan, North Carolina (1999)
  • David Kennedy, Ohio (1998)
  • Matthew Wahl, Illinois (1997)
  • Mike Grimm, Colorado (1996)
  • Fred Brusso (1995)
  • Ron Nevitt (1994)
  • Margaret Jo Shockley (1993)
John R. Sheaffer Award for Excellence in Floodproofing

John R. Sheaffer Award for Excellence in Floodproofing

(individual, private organization or governmental unit or agency)
John R. Shaeaffer

John R. Shaeaffer

The association created this award to honor its namesake for his pioneering work in demonstrating floodproofing as a viable flood loss reduction measure, and for his decades of work in promoting and advancing the knowledge of these measures. Awards may be presented to a nominated individual, private organization, governmental unit or agency that has completed work involving a particular project, work, research, design or publication that exhibits the incorporation of accepted procedures, practices and constraints of floodproofing, or promotes the field or knowledge of floodproofing by enhancing the awareness and use of new procedures, methods, designs and/or products. The work should have been completed within the calendar year preceding the annual conference. This award is not presented every year.
John R. Sheaffer Award For Excellence In Floodproofing Recipients
  • Jamila Johnson, Houston (Texas) Public Works Department (2019)
  • Chris Jones, Christopher Jones & Assc., Durham, NC (2018)
  • Glenny Rodriguez, FEMA in NYC (2017)
  • Randy Behm, USACE (2016)
  • Colorado State University at Fort Collins (2015)
  • Rod Scott, L&R Resources (2014)
  • Oval E. "Gene" Barr, Barboursville, West Virginia (2013)
  • John Ingargiola, FEMA (2012)
  • Wallace A. Wilson, W.A. Wilson Consulting Services (2011)
  • Larry Buss, USACE, Co-chair ASFPM Floodproofing and Retrofitting Committee (2010)
  • Bill Coulbourne, Director of Wind and Flood Hazard Mitigation, ATC (2009)
  • University of New Orleans/CHART and FEMA Region VI (2008)
  • Oakridge National Laboratory & Tuskegee University (2007)
  • Tug Fork Valley Project, West Virginia - Kentucky (2006)
  • Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Lexington, KY (2005)
  • Patricia M. Skinner, Disaster Programs Coordinator, LSU Ag Center (2004)
  • Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (2003)
  • City of Vassar, Michigan (2002)
  • Conrad Battreal, US Army Corps of Engineers, Retired (2001)
  • Cliff Oliver, FEMA Mitigation Directorate (2001)
  • FEMA Region IV, Mitigation Division (2000)
  • 113 Calhoun Street Foundation, Center for Sustainable Living, Charleston, SC (1999)
  • City Of Des Plaines, Illinois (1997)
  • Village Of Mount Prospect, Illinois (1997)
  • Village Of South Holland, Illinois (1997)
  • FEMA, Mitigation Directorate (1996)
  • Floodproofing & Mitigation Assistance Comm., Amite River Basin Drainage & Water Control Dist. (1996)
  • Louisiana State Univ. Agric. Ctr, Env. Programs & Communications Div. (1996)
  • Colorado Office of Emergency Mgmt. (1995)
  • Center for Community Dev. & Design, Univ. of Colorado, Colorado Springs (1995)
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's National Flood Proofing Committee (1994)
  • John R. "Jack" Sheaffer (1993)
Outreach/Media Award

Outreach/Media Award

Outreach/Media Award

Outreach/Media Award

This award was established to acknowledge exemplary efforts on the part of media to increase information and/or awareness of flood issues with the general public. It is also for an individual, private organization or governmental unit or agency that have increased information and/or awareness of flood issues with the general public.
Outreach/Media Award Recipients
  • Puerto Rico Office of Geology and Hydrogeology (Outreach 2019)
  • Ibrahim Demir, University of Iowa, new artificial-intelligence algorithm called the “Flood AI Alpha.” (Outreach 2018)
  • Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas (Media 2018)
  • The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (Media 2017)
  • Ward's Stormwater Floodplain Simulation System creators David Chapman and Mark Walton (Outreach 2017)
  • Iowa State University Extension and Outreach & Iowa Department of Natural Resources (Outreach 2016)
  • Scott Gurian, NJ Spotlight (Media 2016)
  • Flood Insurance Basics for Realtors Workshops (2015)
  • City of West Sacramento, California (2014)
  • Nadeau Land Survey's "Welcome to the Flood Zone", a monthly online newsletter (2013)
  • Nurture Nature Center's "Science on a Sphere" globe, exhibiting changing climate impacts on flooding around the world (2013)
  • City of Arlington Texas's annual "Flood Safety Awareness Campaign", and innovative new "novella" flood risk comic book, "Sink or Swim" (2013)
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art and Urban Artist Mary Miss, for special exhibit "Flow: Can You See the River?" (2012)
  • Indiana's News Center (2011)
  • The Seattle Times (2010)
  • Not presented in 2009
  • Not presented in 2008
  • The Weather Channel (2007)
  • The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA (2006)
  • The Sun Herald, Gulfport/Biloxi, MS (2006)
  • Flash Flood Alley, PBS (2006)
  • The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA (2005)
  • The Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX (2005)
  • The News Sentinel, Ft. Wayne, IN (2004)
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis, MO (2003)
  • The Citizen, daily newspaper of Tucson, Arizona (2002)
  • The State, Columbia, SC (2001)
  • The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC (2000)
  • Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi (1999)
  • The Sacramento Bee (1998)
John Ivey Award for Superior Efforts in Certification

The John Ivey Award For Superior Efforts In Certification

(individual, agency or organization is eligible)
John Ivey

John Ivey

This award was established by the ASFPM Board of Directors in 2001 to recognize exceptional efforts to promote the professional certification of floodplain managers. Any individual, agency or organization is eligible. The award was named after John Ivey because he was serving as our Professional Development Committee chair in the mid-1990s and was instrumental in the CFM exam development and roll out. Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association was the first John Ivey Award recipient in 2001.

The John Ivey Award For Superior Efforts In Certification Recipients
  • Roy D. Sedwick, CFM, Texas Floodplain Management Association (2020)
  • Sally Cook, Manatee County, Florida (2019)
  • Tom Palko, Nashville, Tennessee (2018)
  • Rachel Westerfield, Mississippi DOT (2017)
  • Rhonda Montgomery (2016)
  • Florida Floodplain Managers Association (2015)
  • Dr. Warren Campbell, Western Kentucky University (2014)
  • Diane Calhoun (2013)
  • Mike Parker (2012)
  • Texas Floodplain Management Association (2011)
  • New Jersey Association of Floodplain Managers (2010)
  • Collis Brown (2009)
  • Jennifer Marcy (2008)
  • French Wetmore (2007)
  • Anita Larson (2006)
  • Bill Lesser (2005)
  • Tom Hirt (2005)
  • Arkansas Floodplain Managers Association (2004)
  • Grant Pinkerton (2003)
  • Dewberry & Davis (2002)
  • Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association (2001)
Meritorious Lifetime Achievement in Floodplain Management Award

Meritorious Lifetime Achievement In Floodplain Management Award

(for an individual)

This award recognizes individuals who, throughout their career, have achieved success in a significant aspect of floodplain management. These efforts shall include, but not be limited to, policy, outreach, implementation, education, government, research, litigation or other actions that demonstrate the advancement of flood loss and risk reduction within the nominee's professional realm. Unlike many our other award categories, individuals from the federal and private sectors are eligible for nomination for the Meritorious Lifetime Achievement in Floodplain Management Award.

Meritorious Lifetime Achievement In Floodplain Management Award Recipients
  • Bret Gates, FEMA (2020)
  • Lisa Hair, EPA Office of Water (2020)
  • William “Buster” Smith, Association of Alabama Floodplain Managers (2020)
  • Vince DiCamillo, Stantec (2019)
  • William "Trak" Trakimas, retired (2019)
  • Siavash Beik, Christopher B. Burke Engineering (Indiana) (2018)
  • Todd Davison, NOAA (2017)
  • William (Bill) Nechamen, Past ASFPM Chair (2016)
  • JoAnn Howard, H2O Partners (2015)
  • Lois Forster, FEMA HQ (2014)
  • Mike Robinson, 1945-2007 (2013)
  • Scott Edelman, ASFPM Foundation Board President, AECOM (2012)
  • Bill DeGroot, UDFCD (2011)
  • W. Ken Morris, Oklahoma (2010)
  • Tom Waters, Georgia (2009)
  • Larry Schock (2009)
  • Cindy Crecelius, Ohio (2008)
  • John "Jack" Elderidge, California (2008)
  • Matthew B. Miller, DC (2007)
  • Christy Miller, Alaska (2006)
Outstanding Chapter Award

Outstanding Chapter Award

ASFPM Outstanding Chapter 2016

Outstanding Chapter Award

This award recognizes an ASFPM chapter and their exemplary practices and activities that deserve national recognition. It seeks to acknowledge distinguished works by a chapter in going above and beyond its mission in a way that can be shared and replicated by other ASFPM chapters. The Outstanding Chapter Award is not given to any individual leaders, but to the chapter as a whole to recognize their abilities to promote sound floodplain management through teamwork.

Outstanding Chapter Award Recipients
  • Illinois Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management (2019)
  • Florida Floodplain Managers Association (2017)
  • Texas Floodplain Management Association (2016)
  • Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association (2015)
  • Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers (2014)
  • New Jersey Association for Floodplain Management (2013)
  • Goddard-White Award **

    Goddard-White Award**

    (for individuals)
    Gilbert White and John Goddard

    Gilbert White and John Goddard

    The Goddard-White Award is named in honor of the contributions made to floodplain management by Gilbert White (1911- 2006) and Jim Goddard (1906-1994). This award is given by ASFPM to individuals who have had a national impact carrying forward the goals and objectives of floodplain management. It is an indication of the level of esteem the association holds for the two namesakes as well as the recipients, and is ASFPM's highest award. It is not necessarily presented every year.

    ** Nominations for the Goddard-White and Louthain Awards must be submitted to the Board of Directors.
    Contact your regional director to make a nomination.

    Goddard-White Award Recipients
    • Jo Ann Howard, H2O Partners (2019)
    • James Schwab, retired APA (2018)
    • Steve Stockton (2015)
    • The Honorable Earl Blumenauer, Congressman from Oregon's 3rd District (2014)
    • Not presented in 2012, 2013
    • Edward J. Hecker (2011)
    • Not presented in 2010
    • Mike Buckley (2009)
    • Margaret A. Davidson (2008)
    • Meredith Inderfurth (2007)
    • Ed Thomas (2006)
    • Les Bond (2005)
    • John R. "Jack" Sheaffer (2004)
    • David Conrad (2003)
    • Not Presented in 2002
    • Jacki Monday (2001)
    • Rebecca C. Quinn, CFM (2000)
    • Doug Plasencia (1999)
    • Gerald E. Galloway, Jr. (1998)
    • Mary Fran Myers (1997)
    • Jerry Peterson (1995)
    • James M. Wright (1994)
    • Frank Thomas (1993)
    • French Wetmore (1991)
    • Armando C. (Herm) Lardieri (1990)
    • Jon Kusler (1988)
    • William J. Donovan (1986)
    • Larry A. Larson (1985)
    Louthain Award for Distinguished Service to ASFPM **

    Louthain Award for Distinguished Service to ASFPM**

    (for individuals for their service to ASFPM)
    Jerry Louthain

    Jerry Louthain

    In 1995, the board established the Jerry Louthain Award for Distinguished Service to ASFPM, the highest award ASFPM gives to recognize individuals who, through their long-term efforts, have clearly supported and advanced the work of the Association of State Floodplain Managers.

    ** Nominations for the Goddard-White and Louthain Awards must be submitted to the Board of Directors.
    Contact your regional director to make a nomination.

    Louthain Award for Distinguished Service Recipients
    • Bob Freitag, Washington (2020)
    • Janet Thigpen, New York (2018)
    • Allison Hardin, South Carolina (2017)
    • David Fowler, Wisconsin (2016)
    • Greg Main, Indiana (2015)
    • Terri Turner, Georgia (2015)
    • Bruce Bender, Arizona (2014)
    • Deborah Mills, ASFPM Flood Mitigation Committee Co-Chair (2013)
    • Siavash Beik, ASFPM Technical POD Coordinator, Indiana (2012)
    • Steve McMaster, Nebraska (2011)
    • Dave Carlton, Washington (2010)
    • Dan and Luci Sherwood, Arizona (2009)
    • Mark Riebau, Washington/Wisconsin (2008)
    • Mark Mauriello, New Jersey (2007)
    • Dale Lehman, Maryland (2006)
    • Mike Klitzke, Wisconsin (2005)
    • George Riedel, Missouri (2004)
    • Nick Winter, Massachusetts (2003)
    • Diane Calhoun, Texas (2002)
    • W. Louis Sidell, Maine (2002)
    • Brian Hyde, Colorado (2001)
    • Peter G. Finke, Ohio (2000)
    • John P. Ivey, Texas (2000)
    • Leslie A. Bond, New Mexico (1999)
    • Dante C. Accurti, Pennsylvania (1998)
    • Wallace Wilson, Michigan (1997)
    • Larry Larson, Wisconsin (1996)
    • Jerry Louthain, Washington (1995)
    Honorary Members of ASFPM

    An honorary member is granted lifetime rights and privileges of membership in the association. It shall be someone who has attained eminence in the field of flood hazard mitigation in government, research, education, law or any other facet of the field. It is not necessarily conferred every year.


    • 2017 – Michael Parker
    • 2015 – John Ivey
    • 2014 – Mark Riebau
    • 2012 – Wallace Wilson
    • 2011 – Kenneth Zwickl
    • 2009 – Larry Buss
    • 2008 – Clancy Philipsborn
    • 2007 – A. Jean Brown
    • 2006 – Roy Sedwick
    • 2001 – Conrad Battreal
    • 2000 – Dante C. Accurti
    • 1998 – Richard Krimm
    • 1996 – James Lee Witt
    • 1995 – Chris N. Brown
    • 1995 – James S. Boulton
    • 1994 – Jerome Q. Peterson
    • 1990 – Jon Kusler (1941- 2020)
    • 1988 – James M. Wright (1938-2020)
    • 1987 – James E. Goddard (1906 – 1994)
    • 1985 – Roy Popkin (1921 – 2016)
    • 1984 – Gilbert F. White (1911 – 2006)
    Pioneers Award Recipients
    ASFPM Pioneers are those 30+ year members who contributed greatly to the initial formative years of the Association.

    2009 Pioneer Award Recipients

    • Mike Borengasser
    • Bob Cox
    • George Hosek, Michigan
    • Todd Davidson, Georgia and D.C.
    2009 Pioneers Award Recipient

    (Left to right) Larry Larson, Mike Borengasser, George Hosek, Bob Cox
    (Todd Davidson not pictured)

    2008 Pioneer Award Recipients

    • Jean Brown, California
    • David Greenwood, D.C.
    • Jim Kennedy, Oregon
    • Jerry Louthain, Washington
    • Clancy Philipsborn, Colorado
    • Rebecca Quinn, Maryland
    • Ross Richardson, Nebraska and Texas
    • Roy Sedwick, Texas
    2008 Pioneer Award Recipient

    (Left to right) Larry Larson, Roy Sedwick, Jean Brown, Jerry Louthain, Clancy Philipsborn,
    Rebecca Quinn, Ross Richardson, David Greenwood, Diane Brown

    2007 Pioneer Award Recipients

    • Dan Accurti, Pennsylvania
    • Les Bond, Arizona and New Mexico
    • Peggy Bowker, Arizona and Nevada
    • Tom Lutgen, Minnesota
    • Christy Miller, Alaska
    • Mark Riebau, Wisconsin
    • Bill Trakimas, Indiana
    • French Wetmore, Illinois
    • James Wright, Wisconsin and Tennessee
    2007 Pioneer Award Recipient

    (Left to right) French Wetmore, Bill Trakimas, Les Bond, Mark Riebau, Peggy Bowker, Christy Miller, Dan Accurti, James Wright

    Submit any supporting materials such as PDFs, video links and/or letters of support through the nomination link below.

    Items may also be mailed to:
    ASFPM Awards Committee
    Attn: Mary Bart
    8301 Excelsior Dr.
    Madison, WI 53717

    The nomination deadline for awards is Feb. 10 of each year and awards are presenting during the ASFPM Annual Conference. Direct your questions to Mary Bart in the ASFPM home office, (608) 828-6328 or email Contact Editor.

    ** Nominations for the Goddard-White and Louthain Awards must be submitted to the Board of Directors.
    Contact your regional director to make a nomination.