2019 Flood Damage Assessment Packet Available

Mar 18, 2019 | News & Views, What's New

We’re all in the business of floods in some fashion, and that means being prepared for emergencies is just part of the package. But you don’t have to go it alone. Just as communities band together after a disaster, the ASFPM community is also there to help.

You may remember this newsletter story from last year:

Karen McHugh, ASFPM’s former secretary and Missouri’s state floodplain manager, wanted to get a Flood Damage Assessment Packet out to all affected communities during 2017 flooding events as fast as she could. And luckily, Paul Osman, Illinois’ state floodplain manager, had one ready to go, and she quickly converted it to “Missouri-style.”

Now the document has been updated, which is perfect timing for all states currently impacted by floods.

Click here for the 2019 Flood
Damage Assessment Packet. And here is the word version so you can adapt it to your own state.

Includes Information On:
Steps to Take Following a Flood
Substantial Damage “The 50% Rule”
Sample Handouts for Residents
Damage Assessment Field Worksheets
FEMA Substantial Damage Estimator (SDE 3.0)
Sample Notice
Sample Press Release
Sample Damage Determination Letter
Information on Mitigation Programs
Information on Increased Cost of Compliance