5 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina

Aug 31, 2010 | News & Views, What's New


In the five years since Hurricane Katrina (quickly followed by Hurricane Rita) ravaged the Gulf Coast, USA TODAY has written extensively about the rebuilding efforts there. A new multimedia project tries to sum up where we stand, half a decade after the storms hit.

Included in this project is a look at the levee system failure and redesign. The Army Corps of Engineers has spent $14 billion improving the system of pumps, barriers, gates and levees designed to protect New Orleans from future hurricane disasters. Nearly three-quarters complete, it is intended to hold back a 100-year storm surge, which is to say a surge that has a 1% chance of happening each year. Learn what improvements have been made and why some say it’s still not enough.

Note: Use the interactive map to see photos, graphics, 360° views, videos and animations on the levee system failure and redesign.

5 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina – Rebuilding New Levees