ASFPM Comments to FEMA on DAP 9524.3

Mar 16, 2011 | News & Views, What's New

ASFPM appreciates the opportunity to comment on this policy document. We are concerned that this policy will not only expose federal taxpayer monies to situations of continued flood risk, but has the potential to produce unintended consequences. It also has the potential to continue to fund what are essentially local projects with federal monies. The document indicates this financial assistance from FEMA will be available in ALL declared disasters, and is eligible for all emergency and permanents work! Many are concerned with processes that essentially provide an open federal checkbook, only to set up those subject to the flood disaster to the same damages and disaster in the next event. This becomes even more problematic if these funds are spent for levees that do not meet the NFIP minimum standard of 100 year protection.

ASFPM Comments to FEMA Proposed Policy on Rehabilitation Assistance for Levees & Other Flood Control Works DAP 9524.3