ASFPM weighs in on WRDA

Nov 22, 2013 | News & Views, What's New

ASFPM encourages the Water Resources Development Act Conference Committee to support technical assistance to states and local governments working to reduce flood risk, and to establish a National Levee Safety Program.

· Enhanced investment proposed by the Senate for important Corps of Engineers technical assistance programs – Flood Plain Management Services (FPMS), Planning Assistance to States (PAS) and Silver Jackets. These programs bring Corps technical expertise to assist state and local officials working to evaluate their flood risk management options. They are a highly cost-effective way for the federal government to increase state and local capacity to reduce the costs of future flood disasters.

· Creation of the National Levee Safety Program proposed by the Senate as part of the Federal response to large disasters and continued challenges with levees throughout the nation. Risks to life and property associated with levees are continuing to rise, fueled by a combination of factors intensified by the current uncoordinated approach. The National Levee Safety Program will provide the leadership needed to establish levee safety guidelines and ensure a coordinated approach at all levels of government to identify and reduce flood risk associated with levees.

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