Cooperating Technical Partners Recognition Program Nominations Now Open

Dec 17, 2018 | News & Views, What's New

nomination period for the 3rd Annual CTP Recognition Program will be
open until Jan. 10, 2019. The CTP Program encourages CTP Stakeholders (CTPs,
FEMA staff and contractors) to nominate CTPs that clearly demonstrate
operational best practices at any stage of a Risk MAP project and who help
communities get involved in mitigation action. A CTP cannot nominate itself, but
CTPs may by nominated by other CTP stakeholder. If you know of a CTP that
deserves to be recognized, please download the nomination form and process here.

The CTP Recognition Program process includes
the following steps:

Period (Oct. 24, 2018 – Jan. 10, 2019): CTPs can promote their
organization through
the CTP Collaboration Monthly and other newsletters (as well as direct
contact with their FEMA regional lead). CTPs and FEMA staff can nominate
their peers for the CTP Recognition Program.

Review and Selection (February – March 2019): FEMA must review each nominee and
determine if they are a viable candidate. Top-selected CTP nominees will
be part of the final vote in April 2019 during the Community of Practice
(CoP) General Meeting.

of the Winner at ASFPM’s Annual National Conference in May.

CTPs are
encouraged to showcase the following types of innovation for the CTP
Recognition Program.

Management Best Practice: The
nominee offers an impactful solution or implementation of good project
management skills or resources as a best practice

and Resources – Alignment to FEMA’s Moonshots: The nominee offers a product or
innovative solution that can be used by other CTPs and/or FEMA to help
lead to either (1) increase knowledge and awareness about the need for
flood insurance, or (2) improved accessibility of data to assist in
mitigation plan and/or project development at the local level.

– Alignment to FEMA’s Moonshots: The
nominee demonstrates success with outreach initiatives and processes that
help lead to either (1) increased knowledge and awareness about the need
for flood insurance or (2) increased mitigation investment and/or improved
mitigation project planning at the local level

the nomination form and process here. You must be registered with the CTP Collaboration
Center. Click here to register.