DSS-WISE Human Consequence of Dam-Break Floods Module Developed & Available Now!

Feb 25, 2019 | News & Views, What's New

Decision Support System for Water
Infrastructure Security Human Consequence Module (DSS-WISETM HCOM) is an analytical module for automated assessment of the human consequences of dam-break floods. The National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering and University of Mississippi developed the module with funding provided by FEMA through a contract with Argonne National Laboratory.

DSS-WISE™ HCOM uses the results of flood simulation using DSS-WISE™ Lite to provide

maps of:

hazard risk for people caught outdoors and indoors.

lethal flood zones (PLFZ) for children and adults.

DSS-WISE™ HCOM also provides analysis
of People at Risk (PAR) by interfacing the results of flood simulation using
DSS-WISE™ Lite with the population data sets:

2010 census block data from
U.S. Census Bureau, and

gridded nighttime and daytime population data from Oak Ridge National

DSS-WISE™ HCOM produces a PDF final report,
an MS Excel worksheet with tabular data, and a series of geospatial files
(raster and polygon shapefiles). These are used for preparedness and emergency
response planning, and evacuation planning.

DSS-WISE™ HCOM is accessible 24/7 to
registered users from FEMA, federal agencies and state dam safety offices via
the web portal DSS-WISE™ Web at

For more information on DSS-WISE visit:
and for additional information on FEMA’s National Dam Safety Program visit: