February News & Views Online

Feb 28, 2012 | News & Views, What's New

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Inside This Issue:
Irene Retrospective
Post Irene Recovery & Mitigation: Jersey Style!
States Take on Coordinating Codes and FPM Ordinances
From the Chair
Director’s Desk
Definition of Term: Green Infrastructure
Bolster Flood Risk Reduction Efforts through Green Infrastructure
ASFPM Conference Update
FPM Degree & Certificate Survey
Insurance Committee Corner
Levee Safety
Natomas Follow-up
USACE Sacramento Response
Levee Assessment Mapping Process (LAMP) Comments
Hoeven Bill S.2039
ASFPM Awards
ASFPM FOundation
Engaging the Public – Tools!
Washington Legislative Report
ASFPM Member Renewal
Publications, Video, the Web
Around the World
Grants and Projects Opportunities
EMI Class – E176 Multi-Hazards (Hazus-MH) for Floodplain Managers
ASFPM Calendar