FEMA announcing an updated fee schedule for flood map related products to begin Feb. 20

Jan 26, 2015 | News & Views, What's New

Notice: Updated Fee Schedule for FEMA Flood Map Related Products
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has published a Federal Register Notice announcing an updated fee schedule for processing certain map change requests to National Flood Insurance Program maps, requests for Flood Insurance Study (FIS) technical and administrative support data, and requests for particular NFIP map and insurance products. The updated fee schedule for these requests will take effect Feb. 20, 2015. Requests dated Feb. 20, 2015, or later will adhere to the updated fee schedule. The FEMA’s Flood Map-Related Fees webpage will be updated accordingly once the changes take effect.
Changes in the fee schedules will allow FEMA to reduce further the expenses to the NFIP by recovering more fully the costs associated with processing conditional and final map change requests; retrieving, reproducing, and distributing technical and administrative support data related to FIS analyses and mapping; and producing, retrieving, and distributing particular NFIP map and insurance products.
For additional background information and to view the updated fee schedule, visit the Federal Register Notice: 2015 Fee Schedule.