FEMA Redesigning Flood Map Service Center

Jun 16, 2014 | News & Views, What's New

FEMA’s Map Service Center – Redesign Coming Soon

This summer, FEMA will launch a redesigned and greatly enhanced FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC) – the authoritative online public source for flood hazard information produced under the National Flood Insurance Program. A streamlined design and interface, significant technical improvements, and a set of new user features will enable the new MSC to serve as both an intuitive and user-friendly source of information for the general public and a powerful flood hazard product portal for those working in flood insurance, hazard mitigation, and floodplain management.

These changes will improve the user experience, but will affect some existing business processes for national and regional stakeholders. Significant business impacts include:

· All flood hazard products will be available free of charge, and the new products “catalog” will have enhanced functionality; therefore, the MSC Store, the Digital Post Office (DPO), Express Document Delivery (EDDie), and EDDie for Disaster tools will no longer be required
· Current paid revolving accounts and subscriptions, such as LOMC and FMSIS subscriptions, will be discontinued. A new, free subscription system will be stood up as part of the new MSC
· All direct links to MSC pages other than the homepage will no longer work as intended and will redirect to the MSC homepage

Although the site’s navigation and structure will differ significantly from what exists today, the new interface will enable users to quickly and intuitively access their desired information. Those who rely on the MSC for their regular work and business needs will find a minimal learning curve and limited impact to their operations.

Questions about the redesign of the FEMA Map Service Center may be sent to the Risk MAP Customer and Data Services Outreach Team at