FEMA released the updated Special Flood Hazard Determination Form

Jul 28, 2016 | News & Views, What's New

FEMA releases updated Special Flood Hazard Determination Form
Go here to see the updated form. “There aren’t really any changes that I see that would affect floodplain managers,” ASFPM Flood Insurance Committee Co-chair Bruce Bender said. “But here are a few highlights of minor changes to note.”
Section I, Box 2: Collateral description does not include reference to parcel number;
Section I, Box 3: Lender ID number is now optional;
Section IIB, Box 3: Now includes the LOMC Case number in addition to LOMC date. In the instructions, it clarifies that if there is no LOMC, the space can be left blank; and
Section IIC’s instructions about availability of flood insurance clearly states it is about community eligibility (based on NFIP Community Status Book, but also references CBRS and OPA), not individual building.