FEMA requesting local officials fill out Flood Risk Survey

Aug 12, 2014 | News & Views, What's New

Flooding threatens communities across the United States in a variety of different ways. Understanding the local impact that flood risks have on communities, as well as the challenges local officials face in trying to communicate this information to their constituents, is critical to the effectiveness of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
To this end, in 2010 FEMA began conducting an annual online survey of community leaders. Please take some time (approximately 15 minutes) to complete the survey in the following link.
A FEMA official said in an email, “We just started this year’s survey a couple of days ago, and we’ve enhanced the process this year in order to get a better response rate … we’ve expanded our contact list to over 50,000 communities, and so I’m sure that we’re reaching folks whom we haven’t contacted in previous years.”
Click here to start the survey.