FEMA Seeks Applicants for Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Subcommittee of its National Advisory Council

Sep 19, 2016 | News & Views, What's New

FEMA Seeks Applicants for Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) Subcommittee of its National Advisory Council
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Sept. 16, 2016

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WASHINGTON – The Federal Emergency Management Agency is accepting applications for individuals to serve on the new Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, or IPAWs, subcommittee of the National Advisory Council.
As mandated in the IPAWs Modernization Act of 2015, the subcommittee will develop and submit recommendations for an improved integrated public alert and warning system to the NAC. The subcommittee will consider common alerting and warning protocols, standards, terminology and operating procedures to ensure standards and operating procedures exist for a national public alert warning system.
Currently IPAWS is a modernization and integration of the nation’s alert and warning infrastructure. Federal, state, local, tribal and territorial alerting authorities use IPAWS as a way to alert and warn the public about serious emergencies using the Emergency Alert System, Wireless Emergency Alerts, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radio and other public alerting systems from a single interface.
The IPAWS subcommittee will be comprised of federal officials from FEMA, Federal Communications Commission, Department of Homeland Security, NOAA, Department of Commerce and National Council on Disability, in line with congressional-mandated membership guidelines.
The FEMA administrator and NAC will appoint members from applicants representing the following disciplines to ensure a variety of expert perspectives are reflected in the subcommittee:
Local, state and tribal government officials;
Emergency managers and first responders;
Vendors, developers and manufacturers of communications systems;
Broadcasting, cable or satellite industry officials;
National organizations representing either people with disabilities, functional needs, the elderly or limited English proficiency; and
Consumer privacy advocates.
Subcommittee appointment terms will begin in 2017 and end upon the termination of the IPAWS Subcommittee in April 2019. The IPAWS Subcommittee will meet approximately four times a year, twice in person and twice via webinar.
Individuals interested in serving on the NAC’s IPAWS Subcommittee are invited to apply for appointment by submitting a resume or curriculum vitae to the Office of the National Advisory Council, by fax, email or mail. Letters of recommendation may also be provided, but are not required. Applications and/or nominations must also include the following information: the applicant’s full name, home and business phone numbers, preferred email address, home and business mailing addresses, current position title and organization and the discipline area of interest (i.e., emergency management). Applications will be accepted until Oct. 6, 2016.
Members selected for the council serve without compensation from the federal government. However, consistent with the charter, members receive travel reimbursement and per diem, under applicable federal travel regulations. Registered lobbyists, current FEMA employees, Disaster Assistance Employees, Reservists, FEMA contractors, and potential FEMA contractors will not be considered for subcommittee membership.
For more information on the NAC, IPAWS Subcommittee and application procedures visit: