Free Webinar Aug. 3 titled “Wetland Restoration: Contemporary Issues & Lessons Learned

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Wetland Restoration: Contemporary Issues and Lessons Learned Presenter(s):Marla Stelk is a Policy Analyst at the Association of State Wetland Managers Date & Time:Aug. 3, 2017
2-3 p.m. ET Location:Webinar Only
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Speaker: Marla Stelk is a Policy Analyst at the Association of State Wetland Managers.

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Abstract: Numerous studies have documented the shortcomings of wetland mitigation and voluntary restoration projects
to achieve stated goals. There is general agreement among restoration professionals that the science exists to achieve
restoration goals and that wetland restoration performance will improve if certain barriers are addressed. In 2013, the
Association of State Wetland Managers began to identify some of the barriers and established a national work group of
25 restoration experts, including practitioners, academics, consultants, regulators and policy makers, to further identify
and analyze these barriers and develop recommendations to address them. This project spanned two US EPA Wetland
Program Development Grant cycles and included 24 educational webinars, monthly work group conference calls and
outreach at several national events, culminating in a white paper that summarizes the project’s findings. This presentation
will provide an overview of the white paper’s findings and provide strategic recommendations to improve wetland restoration outcomes.

About the Speaker: Marla Stelk is a policy analyst at ASWM.
She has been ASWM’s project leader for two U.S. EPA wetland restoration grants and coordinates a wetland
restoration workgroup with the goal of identifying barriers, articulating solutions and implementing strategies to
improve restoration outcomes. Marla coordinates and moderates the Wetland Mapping Consortium and the
Natural Floodplain Functions Alliance webinar series. She is also the Association’s Communications Team leader
and the Editor of Wetland Breaking News. Marla has been involved in climate change science and policy for 20 years
and is currently serving as ASWM’s representative on the national Advisory Committee on the Water Information
Water Resources Adaptation to Climate Change Workgroup. Marla has an MA in Community Planning and Development
from the Edward S. Muskie School of Public Service and a BA in Environmental Issues from Colorado College.

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