Hazus 2.2 SP01 launched May 18

May 20, 2015 | News & Views, What's New

Successful Launch of Hazus 2.2 SP01
As part of the ongoing Hazus Modernization efforts, the Hazus team has deployed Hazus 2.2 Service Pack 01 (SP01) May 18, 2015. This release contains functional and data updates to the Flood Model, including:

Application of the dasymetric GBS distribution approach;
Implementation of study region aggregation at custom jurisdiction and neighborhood levels;
Updated version of Hazus data, including fixes to current state data available for public download; and
Fix to hurricane data tables addressing user-defined windfield creation errors.

Hazus 2.2 SP01 was deployed through the auto-update tool built into Hazus. Users need only launch Hazus while connected to the Internet and accept the automated patch installation to receive SP01. The updated homogeneous state data and the new dasymetric state data are available via the MSC Hazus download webpage for free, public download. A registry change is necessary to use the dasymetric data. Please see the “Release Notes” included with the patch for step-by-step instructions.

Those of you who have received notifications regarding Hazus Modernization Task 2 previously will notice that SP01 no longer includes updates to damage functions and an alignment with the Benefit Cost Analysis tool. A latent defect exists in the Hazus flood model which prevents Hazus from determining whether a riverine or coastal damage function should be used for a user-defined facility (UDF) in a combined riverine-coastal scenario, and may not use foundation types correctly in estimating loses for the GBS. This will be addressed with the next release (Hazus 3.0) later this year.

If you have any questions regarding these enhancements, feel free to reach out to the Hazus Outreach Team at