National Wildlife Federation and ASFPM looking for climate change adaptation case studies

Oct 29, 2015 | News & Views, What's New

National Wildlife
Federation and ASFPM looking for climate change adaptation case studies

National Wildlife Federation, in cooperation with ASFPM, is putting out a call
for climate change adaptation case studies to highlight in a national report on
ecological approaches to natural hazard risk reduction to human communities.
We are particularly interested in hearing about innovative uses of natural and
nature-based features to reduce impacts from floods, heavy precipitation and
storms, sea level rise, erosion and related hydro-meteorological hazards to
human communities. For this project, NWF is specifically interested
in hearing about projects that reduce risks to human communities while
generating co-benefits to ecosystems and fish and wildlife habitat. Potential
areas of focus for the case studies include, but are not limited to:

Conservation of existing natural

Restoration or management of
ecological processes (e.g. water or sediment flow, plant community

Ecosystem restoration

Risk reduction measures that
include nature-based features that mimic natural processes

Hybrid gray-green infrastructure for stormwater
management and flood risk reduction

Living shorelines projects that incorporate ecological processes
and use site-appropriate biological materials

Community relocation efforts,
moving people out of harm’s way

Community efforts to prevent
at-risk development in floodplains

Policy innovations that preserve, promote
and protect natural systems for flood risk reduction

Local zoning and land use policy
that intentionally incorporates natural buffers to flood hazards

Managing fish, plant or wildlife species in ways that increase
ecological and community resilience

If you are interested in seeing a particular project highlighted,
please send a brief (500 word limit) summary to Nicole Holstein at and
Inquiries may be directed to Karl Schrass at,
Stacy Small-Lorenz at or
Alan Lulloff at The
deadline for submissions is Nov. 30.