New Resilience Organization Established within FEMA May 28

May 22, 2018 | News & Views, What's New

New Resilience Organization Established
within FEMA May 28

Eric Heighberger, FEMA chief of staff, announced that as of May
28, the administrator is establishing a new resilience organization within
FEMA, combining the National Preparedness Directorate, Grant Programs Directorate,
Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, National Continuity Programs
and other Protection and National Preparedness Offices.

He said resiliency is the backbone of emergency
management and the foundation of the FEMA mission. The resilience organization
will consolidate FEMA’s preparedness programs and grants, insurance, mitigation
and continuity programs by simplifying processes, breaking down silos, and
integrating activities.

Heighberger said this reorganization does not
change current authorizations or appropriation allocations. It is a tangible way
FEMA will drive change and concentrate its resources toward building a culture
of preparedness. This reorganization will enable FEMA and its workforce to
focus on what matters most: helping people before, during and after disasters.

To view the organizational chart reflecting
these changes, click here.