NFIP Presents Stacey Ricks with Prestigious National Floodplain Management Award

Jun 18, 2020 | What's New

Stacey Ricks, state NFIP coordinator with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), was presented the national Best State Compliance award by the National Flood Insurance Program. Ricks was nominated by his peers from across the country for this award based on his contributions to floodplain management and flood loss reduction measures in Mississippi.

MEMA Executive Director Greg Michel with Stacey Ricks

MEMA Executive Director Greg Michel (L) with Stacey Ricks.

“MEMA’s Floodplain Management Bureau being named an advanced NFIP state by FEMA tiered assessment program and accepting the award for Best Compliance NFIP State Program takes a strong team. This team includes but is not limited to my staff, my leadership here at MEMA and the Office of Mitigation, other local, state and federal agencies, and the staff at FEMA Region IV/Headquarters. This working relationship helps Mississippi to prepare, recover, and mitigate disasters. I am blessed to have the support of so many professionals,” says Ricks.

“Stacey has been extremely helpful to the State of Mississippi and all of the local communities. He is always willing to share his expertise in Substantial Damage Estimates and recovery with other NFIP Coordinators and educate others on the importance of floodplain management,” says MEMA Office of Mitigation Director, Jana Henderson.

Ricks and the floodplain management staff have developed Substantial Damage Estimate and Substantial Improvement training for local communities, provided floodplain regulations courses for local officials and developed advance training for floodplain administrators.

“Stacey is the epitome of a dedicated worker for the state of Mississippi. We are grateful that his efforts are now being recognized nationally,” says MEMA Executive Director Greg Michel.

Because of Ricks’ training to assist counties to remain compliant, Mississippi homeowners can purchase discounted flood insurance.