NFIP Resources for Hurricane Florence

Sep 21, 2018 | News & Views, What's New

The National Flood Insurance Program supports its policyholders as they begin their recovery from Hurricane Florence. It is working to clarify messaging around the flood insurance claims process to reduce complexity and clearly communicate with customers on their worst days.

For the latest information on the NFIP’s claim process and resources, visit You can find a full list of NFIP resources, including what to do before, during and after a flood at Here is a fact sheet Starting Your Recovery:FEMA’s Flood Insurance Claims Process, which provides an overview of the NFIP claims journey.

They recently published a press release highlighting the NFIP’s efforts to speed the recovery for those impacted by Hurricane Florence. The key messages are:
The NFIP is here to support policyholders and help them begin the recovery process. The NFIP has thousands of adjusters positioned throughout the impacted area and are in close coordination with NFIP insurance partners to ensure quality customer service for our policyholders in these extreme circumstances.
When they are ready, policyholders should call their agent or insurance company to file a flood claim. Policyholders who need assistance contacting their insurance company can contact the NFIP Call Center at 800-427-4661.
To help speed recovery, the NFIP is allowing advance payments to policyholders on their flood insurance claims. When a policyholder contacts their insurance company, the policyholder can receive an advance payment of up to $5,000 on a flood claim, without an adjuster visit or additional documentation. Policyholders who provide evidence of damage to their insured property in the form of photos or videos, receipts validating out-of-pocket expenses related to flood loss, or a contractor’s itemized estimate, can receive up to $20,000 in advance payments.
The flood insurance adjuster and policyholder will work together to submit an accurate estimate of the flood loss to the insurance company. Policyholders should ask their insurance company about any important deadlines to help ensure they receive a claim payment that reflects their flood loss and is within their policy limit. FEMA wants NFIP policyholders to receive every dollar they are due under their policy.
After filing a flood claim, if NFIP policyholders have additional unmet needs, they are encouraged to register for disaster assistance. They may be eligible for additional funds. Individuals can register online at, or by calling toll-free at 800-621-3362 (TTY: 800-462-7585).