NFIP Termination Act of 2011—HR 435

Feb 8, 2011 | News & Views, What's New

United States Representative Candice Miller from Michigan is introducing a bill (HR 435) to terminate the NFIP. You can read her logic for it in her press release below (you will likely observe that some of the facts not quite right). While this bill in its current form will not likely move quickly, ASFPM is following this very closely. A quick read indicates the bill HR 435 does the following (We are working to clarify any ambiguities) :

1. Preserves the authority for FEMA to identify flood hazard areas, however funding for mapping is less clear since a portion of map funds comes from NFIP policy fees.
2. Eliminates requirement to participate in the NFIP and therefore the quid pro quo for adoption and enforcement of local floodplain management regulations
3.Eliminates mandatory purchase requirement
4.Eliminates all provisions related to maintaining flood insurance as a condition for Fed financial assistance
5.Eliminates all hazard mitigation assistance programs and national flood mitigation fund
6.Eliminates national flood insurance fund

We anticipate there being several bills introduced over the next few months—bills that address someone’s specific concern with the program, or those opposing new maps and flood insurance mandatory purchase, etc. As ASFPM monitors these bills, status reports and updates will be provided in the Insider and News and Views and web site.