Proposed bill would have USGS take over responsibility for the nation’s flood maps

Apr 23, 2018 | News & Views, What's New

Rep. Rick Crawford
(R-Ark.) recently introduced H.R. 5559, a bill that would transfer “functions related to the preparation of flood
maps” from FEMA to USGS. The USGS prepares some general maps of
flooding, while FEMA manages flood insurance rate maps, which define areas
where communities must regulate development in order to make flood insurance
available to their property owners.

would be a bold move, stripping a Department of Homeland Security agency of a
high-profile and politically-sensitive task and handing it to an Interior
Department agency, which is a well know science agency with few controversial
programs. NFIP flood mapping is an issue that gets lots of attention.

ASFPM Senior Policy Advisor Larry Larson said, “It’s important to
keep in mind that this is simply proposed legislation and we have no idea if it
has much support. We will keep our eye on it and let our membership know if
this is getting any traction.”