The February issue of News & Views is ready

Feb 27, 2014 | News & Views, What's New

How often does a local floodplain manager get to feel like a rock star? Well, when a record flood puts a flood-control program to the test – and it works – everybody starts to pay attention. Read this issue of News & Views to learn what Ottawa, Ill., officials did to help other communities “make ready for the next flood.”

ASFPM Chair Bill Nechamen discusses the “interesting times” we live in with respect to flooding issues; Executive Director Chad Berginnis looks at the Importance of educating decision makers; and our Director Emeritus Larry Larson says Congress should forgive the NFIP debt.

Our Science Services department just rolled out the next generation of the Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Planning Guide, which should be a fantastic resource for municipal planners and decision makers.

Bruce Bender, co-chair of ASFPM’s Insurance Committee, put together a resource list so we all can stay on top of BW-12 changes.

Trying to make sense of the 2014 Farm Bill? No problem. Aviva Glaser with the National Wildlife Federation breaks it down in a six-page report.

An Illinois village holds the actual title of being the 22,000th NFIP community; ASFPM is working with HUD to find a flood insurance affordability solution; and how can you help your community get prepared for winter flooding? It’s all in this issue of “News & Views.”