Vince DiCamillo receives ASFPM’s 2019 Meritorious Lifetime Achievement in Floodplain Management Award

Jun 25, 2019 | News & Views, What's New

L-R: Diane Rogers, Roger Denick, Krista
McCormick, Mike Anderson, Vince DiCamillo, Chad Berginnis, Caroline Cunningham
and Marc Pearson. All except Berginnis are with Stantec. Photo by John Hays.

The Meritorious Lifetime Achievement in Floodplain
Management Award recognizes individuals who,
throughout their career, have achieved success in a significant aspect of
floodplain management, ranging from policy, outreach, research or litigation
that demonstrates the advancement of flood loss and risk reduction.

As a national leader in
floodplain management for more than 40 years, Vince DiCamillo has set
the standard for how to lead, evolve with, and continue contributing to the
mission of developing a more resilient country. His focus has been on
identifying and mapping flood risks throughout the U.S. and assisting FEMA in
helping communities mitigate future losses, all while contributing to higher
building standards and proactive planning. Over the past four decades, he’s
brought technical experience, program leadership and NFIP knowledge to 12
national-scale FEMA mapping and mitigation contracts, including PTS, TARC, MCC
and TEC.

Collectively, these
contracts have shaped much of the current body of knowledge that encompasses
our floodplain mapping program, having guided teams of more than 300 staff and
countless subcontractors. DiCamillo has participated in post-disaster
assessments and developed dozens of FEMA mitigation documents such as the
Coastal Construction Manual, Homeowner’s Guide to Flood Proofing, and National
Mitigation Framework…just to name a few. He’s also been at the forefront of innovation
and process improvements that have enhanced flood-risk programs and services
across the country. Not only has he served this nation, but also this
association. In 2008, DiCamillo became a trustee on the ASFPM Foundation Board
of Directors and is an active leader in that organization, working on the
Fundraising Committee as part of the Award and Recognition team. He is truly
worthy of this award.